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As a company specialized in Planning, mapping, remote sensing and photogrammetry, we provide a wide range of geospatial services ranging from product training, flying training, data collection, data analysis support (post processing) and consultancy. Our process ensure that end products derived from the UAV flight allows for high quality, orthogrammetry and photogrammetry to provide reliable scientific or survey mapping,

Mapping Solutions

Be it mapping Land areas, water bodies or even atmospheric elements, our team of experts are on hand to deliver world class mapping services to you.

Planning Solutions

Our team of professional planners and Geospatial Experts are available to deliver even the most impossible of tasks to your organization. For Surveillance, Site inspections, Site selection, EIA, Land use etc. OEA consults remains your best bet!


With our team of experts & years of experience delivering world class solutions, who better to empower your staff and build capacity in the science of data acquisition, processing, analysis and use than OEA Consults?

Farm Management / Crop Monitoring

Monitoring your farm and the health of your crops has never been easier and more cost effective. With our drones and Geosptial capabilities, We put your Farm in your Hands

Geospatial Intelligence

With novel products in Civil Engineering, transportation, Planning & Telecoms among others, OEA consults dives deep to produce Magic! We specialize in Business and market Analysis, Spatial Analysis, Machine Learning and Database management.

Terrain/Elevation Modelling

We specialize in generating highly accurate measurements of areas of interest. Our platform has the ability to produce but surface and sub surface measurements as well as underwater topography

Satellite Image Data Acquisition

Using Drones or Satellite Images, OEA Consults remains your best bet to acquiring ultra-high resolution imageries. Be it mapping, surveillance, planning or for analysis, our team is always available to offer bespoke solutions to image acquisition

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